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Woody's Order! was in the Hollywood Reporter.


Annie appeared in the podcast, "Look Who's Here," and this episode won the Western Pennsylvania Press Club Golden Quill Award! Read the article about that in Unabriged Press

"A mélange of films captures the life and challenges of the disabilities community in the ReelAbilities Film Festival."

“I just hope that people will take from it,” she said about the film, “that whatever challenges you’re facing in your life, particularly love and commitment can really give you strength. And family.”

"It's not about cerebral palsy, it's about family and relationships," actress Ann Talman tells Mark Steidl. For our Look Who's Here! All-Abilities Media project, Mark interviewed Ann about the film Woody's Order! "

"Also of note was the Documentary Short winner Woody’s Order, which eloquently captures a beautiful relationship between and actress/director Ann Talman and her brother Woody who has cerebral palsy."

"Woody’s Order! had its Pittsburgh screen premiere at the 2017 Pittsburgh ReelAbilities Festival and was so adored by the audience that we brought it back for an encore!"

Woody's Order!   was given a Special Mention Award at the Assim Vivemos - Brazil's International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil.

Woody’s Order! chosen Best Documentary.


Oregon Documentary Camp

Doc Camp is an invitational opportunity for experienced documentary filmmakers to gather with colleagues for a 4 day retreat.  On page 3 & 4 of this report, read about Woody's Order!

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