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Woody's Order!  the Solo Show


Ann Talman triumphs with irreverent humor in Woody’s Order!, a Stage Raw Top Ten Recommended show.

A hilarious, inspiring show written and performed by Broadway veteran Ann Talman, who began her career out of college, playing Elizabeth Taylor's daughter on The Great White Way.

Woody's Order!  is based on actual events from an extraordinary life with brilliantly incorporated projections of vintage home movies, videos, photos, sound effects and  music. Ann portrays everyone, with hysterical appearances by Elizabeth Taylor herself, Joe Cocker, Nurse Ratchet, a crazy nurse from General Hospital, her Seinfeld character Robin (in bed with George and his dinosaur sheets) and of course Mom, Dad, Woody and the amazing "special" souls she calls her extended family. 


In 1956 Woody, a bright, nonverbal, cerebral palsied eight year old, realized something could happen to Mom or Dad and went on a successful campaign to conjur a younger sibling.  On her very first photo in the hospital, Mother wrote Woody's Order!  Ann, heeding the call of her magical birth, embraced her assignment. Her parents told her, "You have a destiny Miss Ann, to be thy brothers keeper." In childhood it was a magical family saga. Suddenly, at 20, everything changed. Ann was called up to fulfill the destiny for real. 


How can she remain loyal to her assigned destiny while honoring her own destiny as an actress/comedian? It is a rite of passage with a stunning and uplifting surprise ending. A tour-de-force performance brimming with humanity and humor. This exceptional one-woman show celebrates family through an authentic personal story that Ann Talman and director John Shepard have shaped into an amazingly resonant theatrical experience.

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